We are a small chain of buy-sell-trade shops that buy precious metals, gift cards, consumer electronics, watches, coins, bullion, tools, collectibles and nearly anything of value from the public (among other products). We operate under two different brands, each one representing a different twist on our proven business model.


National Gold Exchange and Gold Werks are the product of the hard work and innovative thinking of two entrepreneurs from Pittsburgh, PA. Two business minded cousins evolved their original gold buying operation into an industry leading face-to-face "cash-for" buyer with 4 locations in 2 states.

Initially, rising gold and silver prices drove the two cousins to focus on buying precious metals. But, the two entrepreneurs were forward thinking, and saw this space as a means to liquidate a variety of small tangible assets that most of the general public own. Following this thought process, they began to buy additional products, starting w/ gift cards in 2010 and adding consumer electronics shortly after.

Driven by a belief that the everyone should have access to the value stored in their small tangible assets, the two-entrepreneurs went about building their brands. They wanted to re-brand the space, starting with the fundamental ideas that their stores would be properly licensed, safe and clean. Which are now the three hallmarks of all our locations.

It can be easy to forget your roots through the experience of growing a business. But, these entrepreneurs made sure their beliefs were engrained in the fabric of their company. To this day, a referral is the best form of advertising in a space where you need your customer's trust. And referrals are how we gauge the quality of our customer service.

Our model is based on three pillars:

  1. Highest Cash Payouts

  2. Great Customer Service

  3. Conveniently Located Stores

These qualities ensure customer satisfaction; which is the backbone of our philosophy: We treat our customers how we want to be treated.