Our stores pay the highest rates for your gift cards and merchandise credit--and its always instant cash paid on the spot. No vouchers, no checks. Just cash.

We pay up to 81% on gift cards, with most of our brands bringing 60-70% returns on face value. Don't be fooled by the bait and switch tactics of our competitors that say they pay up to 70% for your cards. Our competitors normally offer this rate on one or two brands, and buy all other brands for around 50%. So don't sell to a machine, fly-by-night retailer, or someone who followed our lead...sell to the best in the business and get the most for your cards.

Sell gift cards for Cash

Our brands have consistently paid the highest rates in the industry and we've been doing it for 6 years. We were the first company to bring gift card buying to shopping malls and one of the first to buy gift cards from the public. We buy cards from nearly 1000 brands.

Our experience and knowledge of the secondhand gift card market is unrivaled. We constantly monitor the demand for each brand, ensuring we pay you the most for your cards every time you sell.

We buy gift cards for Cash

Our gift card program is powered by US Card Buyers which means we have the technology to ensure fast, smooth transactions. Combine these facts with our safe, clean, conveniently located stores, add in the fact we buy nearly 1000 brands, and ask yourself, "why would I sell anywhere else?"


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