Sell Gold for Cash

We buy gold, silver, platinum, and palladium in almost any form. Our brands have been paying the highest rates for your precious metals since 2009. We started our company by buying precious metals from the public and we built our company into what it is today on the referrals of satisfied customers.

Don't sell to a competitor who low balls you on their initial offer. Sell to the Company that gives you a fair offer from the start. Botton line is...we pay more for your precious metals. Don't believe us? Shop our competitors and then come see us. Your bottom line will thank you.

Sell Jewelry for Cash

Have old jewelry laying around you don't wear anymore? What about the earring you lost the match to? Don't let it collect dust in a jewelry box--gather it up, bring it to one of our trusted locations and convert to cash today! We have the experience, the meticulously trained staff, and the cash. All we're missing is your unwanted jewelry.

What we buy:

We buy precious metal in almost any form. We can do this because we use the latest technology to validate the precious metal content in each item. We can pay more because we are buying with more confidence than our competition. Give us a call if you don't see your item on the list...most likely we buy it:

  • Gold: 10K, 14K, 18K, 24K to name a few...we buy any and all karat gold!

  • Gold Jewelry

  • Silver: any and all alloys

  • Platinum: .900, .950...pretty much anything with platinum in it

  • Broken, bent, or damaged jewelry; it doesn't matter if its been run over with a truck. If its made from a precious metal, we buy it!

  • Silver flatware and servingware

  • Gold Coins: Krugerrands, Gold Eagles, Saint-Guadens, Maple Leafs, Pandas, or any other coin made from gold.

  • Silver Coinage

    • U.S. Silver Eagles

    • U.S. silver Dollars minted 1935 or earlier

    • U.S. 90% silver half dollars, quarters, and dimes minted 1964 or earlier

    • U.S. 40% silver Kennedy half dollars minted 1965 to 1969

    • U.S. 35% silver war nickels minted 1942-1945

    • Foreign coins made from silver

    • Any and all other coins made from silver

  • Bullion

    • Gold ingots and bars

    • Silver ingots, bars, or generic rounds

    • Platinum ingots and bars

    • Palladium ingots and bars

  • Gold Filled

  • Watches

    • Rolex, Breitling, Cartier; all high end watches

    • Bolova, Invicta, and other mid-level/fashion watches (dependent on condition, make, and model)

    • Give us a call if you have a watch for sale but don't see it on this list!



Locations that offer this service:

Gold Werks - Euclid
National Gold Exchange


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We need to know how much precious metal is in your item. So if its gold, let us know the karat. If its silver, let us know the alloy type, i.e. sterling, .800, etc.